Why Do You Do Collages?

Family History Collage

Photos were of different shades of sepia, they were color-corrected to make them more similar.

I've been asked why do I do collages.

I obviously enjoy working on them, but there is more than that involved.

I have always loved photos...old, new, family, friends...I am enthralled by the emotions and events that have been captured and printed by professional and amateur photographers over the years.  

Hope...love...joy....happiness...desire...all these and more are seen in photographs.  There is also a sense of history shown in the photos, especially the ones from past generations.

When I work on a collage, I can "sense" or "feel" the emotion(s) in the photos.  By designing a layout and background that enhances the feeling(s) or emotion(s) of the photos, the collage can tell a more complete story that is both personal and unique to that group of photos - and to the family.

I don't use templates for my collages...each collage is "handmade" and an original.  The layout for the collage is determined by the size, quality, and quantity of photos that will be used in that collage.  

The photos tell part of the story and I love being able to create a collage that enhances or completes that story.

I am a very creative and crafty person.  I started crafting with sewing in junior high (now called middle school in most areas), and in high school moved on to embroidery and crochet, followed by forays into cross-stitch, needlepoint, decoupage, oil painting and just about every new craft that has come along in the past 30+ years.

I have always received great joy and pleasure from creating something and then giving them away as gifts.

Creating collages allows me to incorporate 3 things that I like to do:  be artistically unique, tell a story, and make people happy.

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