Good Idea #1:  Digital Collages

Pool Time Collage 

Enlarged photo to use as the background.

    Why Digital Collages Are A Good Choice

Digital photo collages have numerous benefits over the traditional photo collages you have hanging on your wall.  Some of them are listed below...and you might come up with some that  I overlooked!  

One, it is relatively easy to color correct the photos so that they all have the same "value".  No more collages with under or overexposed photos, or worse, having one of the "best" shots with an orange or red overtone!

Two, you can have several different photos as "backgrounds" for the collage, instead of the traditional mat that "frames" each photograph.  As the examples on my Digital Collage page shows, you don't even have to "frame" each photo! 

Three, YOU can decide how many photos, their sizes, and their placement within the collage.  You are not limited to the "designs" and colors that the traditional photo collage mats come in. 

Four, it is very easy to create a digital collage in a custom no longer have to use the "standard" photo sizes for your collages.  If you want a 24" x 48" collage, it is easier and more affordable if done digitally.

Five, no one else will have your exact design hanging on their wall!  How many homes have you visited and you are looking at their photos, and you realize, “Hey, I have that same collage at home!”.  With a digital collage, personalized to your photos and theme, chances are you will never have that thought again!

Six, no more struggling with tape and alignment issues trying to get the photo “just right” in its’ designated “frame”.  You also avoid the pit fall of trying to remove the tape without destroying the photo if you need to scan it or move it to a different frame.

Seven, you don’t have to buy frame!  You can easily add a digital “frame” to your collage, then have the collage printed and mounted on artboard or masonite and you can hang it easily on a wall or even put it on a picture shelf with no worries about damaging the “frame”.

Eight, if you use your originals in a traditional collage, after many years of being exposed to light and air, the photos begin to deteriorate.  With a digital collage, your originals can stay in their pristine condition instead of being exposed to the damaging effects of sunlight and time.

And a bonus reason:  you can easily - and cheaply -  have as many copies as you want made!

Overall, digital collages give you a degree of flexible and imagination not easily achievable in the non-digital world.

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