Resolutions and the New Year

 December 29, 2011

While many people use the "New Year" to make resolutions for improvement, I no longer do.

I have tried, but every time I do not succeed in my resolutions, I feel like a failure.  LIfe is already out there knocking you down, you shouldn't do it to yourself as well!

Like most people, when I make a big mistake I try to learn from it and then try and not repeat it.  But let's face it, sometimes you will make the same mistake several times....yeah, maybe we should've learned the first, but sometimes it was too subtle and we need another whack upside the heat to make it noticeable!

When you do make mistake, it is OK to wallow in it and feel upset about it for a little while.  However, after a day or two or three, move on...say to yourself, "I'm human and I do the best that I can.  Yes, I made a huge mistake, but I've learned from this one and I will try very hard not to repeat it."

This year, whether you do "resolutions" for the New Year or no, let us all resolve to treat OURSELVES with the respect, love, and concern we show others.

Remember:  We can only do better towards others, when we do better towards ourselves!

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