Trifold brochures seem to be the latest thing for promoting upcoming classes and events, as well as general promotion of products and services. Over the years, I have created numerous trifolds and this year alone I have completed two of them. I am very familiar with the special design and print requirements of trifolds.

When printed by a commercial facility, each pane of the trifold is a different size. In some cases the size of each pane will depend on the type of fold you want. The most common fold types include the 'Z', Gate, Letter, and Parallel folds.

Each commercial printing facility uses different printing and computer equipment and software. The equipment they use will dictate things such as bleed, safe areas, acceptable file formats, and upload procedures. Uploading large file sizes sometimes requires FTP software, and I have been involved with some printing companies that require specific upload software and procedures. If you are not familiar with the technology or the terminology, it can be a bit daunting!

If you need someone to create your next trifold, please give me a call for your free quote.
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