Best Practices For A Better Business Cards

It is said that you have only a few seconds for people to be able to find and read the information on your business card before you have lost their attention. There are so many tips and ideas for great business cards, that it can be daunting to remember them all, so I thought I would share with you what I consider the top 5 'best practices' for a better business card.

1) White Space - White space is the space surrounding your text. The more white space you have, the easier it is for the reader to find your name or other contact information. A "cluttered" or "hard to read" card will be an unread and discarded one.

2) Fonts - The font you use for your contact information should be simple and easy to read and as large as possible. Save the fancy or speciality fonts for your company name or logo. It is very hard to read contact information that is in a speciality or script type font and you want people to keep your card, not throw it away as "not worth the effort to read".  

3) Images - If you are going to use an image, logo, graphic art, or a photograph on your card, make sure it is of high quality. If you have to, PAY some one to design your logo or to take your photograph. You don't want to skimp on quality on the one thing that is going to cement a first impression. Images downloaded from a website or ending in .gif are NOT suitable for ANY printed product, as the resolution is too little for professional printing equipment.

4) Both Sides - Use both sides of your business cards to promote you and your services and/or products. Today, many printers have a flat-rate for printing whether you print on one or both sides of your business card. Take advantage of this and use the opposite side to detail what services/products you provide; you can even use the reverse side to offer a "one-time only" special!

5) Print Professionally - Have your cards professionally printed; there is a definite difference between what you can do at home and what a professional service bureau can provide in terms of quality in printing, ink and paper. 

Make a great first impression and stand out from the crowd - remember to use: plenty of white space; an easy to read font for your contact info; quality images; and quality printing.

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